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MCPE Pvp Treasure WarsHighlightsversion1.8.0 Hive




rune swapIIS2.0.0Balmung VS Berserker 3on57fixotherbugfixes Update info: This file has been updated by the author. The new version may contain further fixes and/or improvements. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What is it? This file fixes all the problems with the classic Ironclad clan setup. It changes everything from the start: The lvl 1 quest is revamped, the flavor of the clan is changed, the doors and the phasing are remade, and the new ending is created. Why should I update? Because the default setup doesn't work very well for everyone. There are many different problems with the setup, and most of them are very annoying. The clan is based on a cultish setup, which is rather old fashioned. It's made for older versions of the game. It's missing many features that were added after the release of the original Ironclad setup, so that's why the original setup doesn't work well with the present version of the game. And the doors are a total mess. So basically, everything you had to do, you have to do all over again. What is inside? This file contains everything necessary to change the clan to the current version, plus a few patches to fix the problems with the original setup. Is there a download link? Sure, of course. You can download the files from the link above and upload them to your server, or you can use the command line and use the "move" option of WinSCP. How to install? First of all, you have to download the files from this page. After that, you just have to unzip them. The files that you get from this page aren't zipped, so you have to unzip them. Then you just copy the "the-new-1.cfg" and the "the-new-2.cfg" to the save folder of your Clan Setup File. Note: You can use this setup on the server, but you have to overwrite the file called "Classic" in the home directory of each player, which is located on the first line of the "Clan Setup File". The support As mentioned above, you can upload the files you have found




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MCPE Pvp Treasure WarsHighlightsversion1.8.0 Hive

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